IHAN testbed glossary

The foundations of a data economy are built on agreed ways of communicating different things. As part of the testbed development we have put in place the first IHAN glossary that can serve as the starting point for building fair data economies.

AuthenticationA way of determining the identity of users and providing proof of their identity to different systems in the ecosystem.
ConsentA way of proving authorisation to use or access a user's data for the intended purpose.
Data productA set of information that creates end user value in applications and that can be associated with price, terms of use and delivery mechanisms.
Data product standardsA standardised set of “inputs” and “outputs” that can be implemented by any data provider – for example, “input latitude and longitude to obtain the current weather (= output) for that location”.
Data signatureA digital signature that can function as proof of authenticity of data, as well as proof of purchase later on. Using a well-crafted signature, you can verify that the data is from a reliable source, and later on can prove that you acquired the data product from a specific source at the time you did.
Data sourceAny source system for data. For example, weather APIs (application programming interfaces), internal systems and databases, IoT devices.
Digital identityIn the IHAN context, an identity is represented by a universally unique identifier. A digital identity is a digital representation of person’s identity that he or she has decided to use. There can be an unlimited amount of different digital identities for one person. Identities may be verified by a third party. Also, other real-world objects such as cars or machines can have a digital identity.
DiscoverySystem to programmatically discover what data is available on the platform, for the needs that you have. Can be used to find data products of a given type, data products your application/user has subscribed to, or data products linked to specific identities such as your home.
Fair data economyA data economy model that defines the values of human-centricity, trust, a new sense of community and the principles of sustainable growth. The aim is a human-driven European data market, where data is treated in ethical ways and by commonly agreed rules.
IHAN RulebookThe rulebook promoted by Sitra defines the legal, business, technical and administrative rules that organisations need to comply with when sharing data in a data network. The guidelines devote attention to ethical principles, in addition to the privacy and data protection requirements.
IHAN testbedAn infrastructure developed and promoted by Sitra to enable both application developers and data providers to build their solutions according to what is defined in the fair data economy rulebook.
JSON-LDLanguage used to describe the content of a data package in JSON format and give the data a real-world meaning (“context”) to both developers and automated systems.
OntologyCategorisation of items defined as digital identities. IHAN has initiated the development of its own ontology to enable a fair data exchange to happen.
OpenAPI 3.0 specificationLanguage used to describe how APIs communicate, what the various forms of input and the expected types of output are, as well as all the necessary information about validation, examples and potential errors. Used by both developers and automated systems to determine how to use the data products and can be used to generate excellent API documentation automatically.
Product GatewaySystem to connect applications to a multitude of data products with a simple yet efficient protocol. Able to handle policies such as which security protocols are allowed for communicating with different productisers (for authentication and consent, for instance), subscriptions, etc.
ProductizerLayer for converting existing data sources to standardised data products using a platform’s API and data product standards.

Get involved in standardisation!

“We believe in rough consensus and running code” – IETF

Just the like the open internet standardisation community, we at IHAN believe in the same kind of philosophy of learning by doing.

Standards emerge from practical experimentation over time and are deployed by wider communities willing to realise the same vision. This is what the testbed is all about and we invite all interested parties to contribute to shaping future internet standards with us!

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